Hi and welcome to my personal website, Cloud Network Guru
My name is Gordon Mac Donald, single father of 2 amazing sons, Michael and Stephon. I’m a retired tennis and basketball coach and now more than ever the designated driver for all my kids basketball and skateboarding games!!
I’m an avid student of the network game and I’m trying to improve wherever my interests goes, especially in the world of Cisco networking!!
I’m a network designer who’s working for middle to larger organisations who are trying to migrate their current
infrastructure other locations or trying to transform their way of working to new network solutions!
Right now you will find me on various networkforums to enhance my skill of troubleshooting and explaining, so I can become even better at conducting and presenting my designs during group, board and event meetings.

At the moment I’m studying to develop my networking skills concerning DataCenter and Design, so feel free to message me with whatever you can get your hands on 🙂